Guitar Making School

The courses we offer are currently related to the construction of electric instruments and bows for stringed instruments. The construction of stringed instruments is currently discarded.

In-person electric violin making course

The courses for electrical instruments fall within a time frame that can be tackled by anyone, young people and adults. There are three course options:

1 “Guitar Project” for beginners 15 hours of course (also online). Create your own assembled guitar (or bass). A project that requires little time and resources, but which ultimately gives the satisfaction of bringing home a personal instrument.

2 “Violin Making Experience” 45 hour course. Create your assembled guitar (or bass), working your body starting directly from the raw wood. Fun course, because you experience woodworking and woodworking, you learn many things. Not useful for the profession.

3 “Professional violin making school” 120 or 200 hours of course (with final certificate for those who complete the 200 hour course which is for the profession) Create your own assembled guitar (or bass), working on the wood and creating a complete guitar or a raw wood bass that you can take home.

The time required is 1-2 months, in some cases the course can be broken into two to accommodate working people. The course requires presence in Perugia for at least 1 consecutive month. The hours to be completed are a minimum of 120, but to have a valid final certificate you must complete 200 hours.

Different working methods can be used, CNC or MANUAL PANTOGRAPH. Full-time students (200 hours) will see both methods and learn how to set them up. They will receive a qualification certificate at the end of the course. The 120 hour students will only see some CNC parts and will not operate with a manual pantograph. The luthier Federico Cesarini will be more present and will try to help in case the process is not finished in the 120 hours. In this case the tuning and painting will not be carried out in depth. For these reasons, the 120-hour course does not provide for the receipt of the certificate that qualifies as electric luthiers. Custom projects can be tackled. Following is a personal project by a student.

4 NEW “Umbria Guitars Experience” during the summer, 7 days to travel in Umbria and assemble your guitar in a group, minimum 4 people. Make your own Solid Body guitar. Follow this page to find out the dates:…