Our creations

Handcrafted pernambuco bows

Archetti pernambuco Cesarini
archetto Cesarini in pernambuco

Cracked according to the Cesarini method, weight control, rod curve control.

Pernambuco and Acacia bows’ stick

  • coeff. M/s 5500
  • coeff. M/s 5800

Including issuance of certificate of origin

Climatic conditions of sale: Humidity 50% -60% – Temperature 18-26 C °

All bows have the following characteristics:

  • Ebony frog
  • Bone / wood shoe
  • Mongolian horsehair
  • Mother-of-pearl or abalone tongue

Conditions for testing a Cesarini handcrafted Pernambuco bow, loan rules:

For a trial period of up to 3 days, the “Bailee” (customer) must pay a security deposit and a rent fee, which will be paid in advance to the “Bailor” (Liuteria Cesarini). This amount will be returned to the Bailee in its entirety, if the bow is then bought within a week from the end of the loan.

Handcrafted bow in Pernambuco Atelier Cesarini, played by Mathilde Sigier

Some of our Atelier Cesarini handcrafted violin bows


The quality of these bows is less constant than the Atelier’s handcrafted products, in any case there will be more types of each available to try.

  • “Brasiletto” (similar woods to Pernambuco)
  • Coated carbon
  • Carbon
  • Snake Wood
  • Acacia wood

All bows have the following characteristics:

  • Ebony frog
  • plastic shoe
  • Mongolian horsehair
  • Mother-of-pearl or abalone tongue

Old Bows – Cesarini Collection

Archetto W. Ernst ca 1970 – 1980 (Werner Ernst)
2950,00 EURO

W. Ernst bow for 4/4 cello (Swiss), in perfect condition. Ernst is one of four master bow makers at the J.Finkel firm in Brienz. These bows are perfect for advanced student and conservatory players. It is a very high quality bow that lends itself well to continuous professional use.


  • Round stick finely worked in pernambuco of the best quality.
  • Frog completely mounted in silver and first quality solid ebony.
  • Frog front (and back lapping in 925 silver.
  • Three part button in sterling silver.
  • Stamp and provenance: W. Ernst – Swiss made
  • New hairs mounted