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Here is the price list, let’s value things …”

The client of the conservatory / music school, professional, teacher, musician (registered with INPS) will have priority in the processing. For the remaining cases, 10% must be added to have priority .

for regular music teachers and 18-year-old students

to those who place violin making as an “authorized center”



of your instruments in the area near the historic center of Perugia, free of charge for expenses over € 180.00 (only for people without cars).

Liuteria Cesarini communicates the estimate of the work before any maintenance or restoration.

We can apply up to 10% more of the total estimate without communicating it to the customer, in the event that unusual conditions are found on the instrument being processed during the work.

The musical instruments must be delivered with the new strings ; Damaged strings will necessarily be replaced.

Action / intonation adjustments following the intervention will be free and carried out alongside the Master Luthier.

Liuteria Cesarini does not guarantee the integrity of new strings brought by the customer nor of used ones mounted on the instrument before repair. We can work on all these musical instruments:


Cesarini Custom Shop

Electric Guitars and Bass


Strings mounting (with stretching)€ 4,00
plus for Floyd Rose+ € 13,00
plus for Tremolo, Bigsby+ € 1,00
Diagnosis (problems valutation for each instrument)€ 25,00
Locking nut regulation on Floyd Rose guitars€ 35,00
Nut curve adjustment€ 7,00
Nut adjustment (action)€ 10,00
Adjustment sitar saddle problems€ 6,00
Truss rod ajustment (truss rod on peghead)€ 8,00
Truss rod ajustment (vintage truss rod)€ 25,00
Nut changing truss rod€ 30,00 – € 38,00
Intonation hardtail bridge€ 6,00
Intonation Tune o matic bridge€ 6,00
Intonation Floyd Rose bridge€ 23,00
Intonation tremolo bridge€ 6,00
Action adjustment hardtail€ 6,00
Action adjustment TOM€ 5,00
Action adjustment Floyd Rose€ 5,00
Action adjustment tremolo bridge€ 6,00
Action level for each saddle , Floyd Rose€ 30,00
Strings adjustment, tremolo and Floyd Rose€ 15,00
Adjustment pickup height (screws under pickguard)€ 30,00
Pickup height adjustment€ 5,00
Tuning of bridge lever€ 10,00
Cleaning body and neck€ 10,00
Cleaning Body, neck, electronic and polishing€ 40,00


(for acoustic guitars and bass)

The same prices apply as before, but with some exceptions:

Strings mounting€ 6,00
Strings mounting (12 strings)€ 10,00
Action on bone nut or similar€ 15,00
Intonation of saddle€ 40,00
Adjustment of resonant bridge€ 30,00
Price adding
+10% for vintage guitars

Lavori sui tasti

(for semiacoustic, hollow body and other similar guitars)
Total frets changing, total approximate the average of cases using nickel 18% frets (10% discount applied) €250,00
Total frets changing, total approximate the average of cases using Jescar real stainless steel frets (10% discount applied) €350,00
Fret changing (each) with fretboard rectify€ 10,00
plus for binding frets+ € 0,50
plus for varnished fingerboard+ € 2,00
plus for neck glued after 12° fret+ € 0,50
Fret gluing, each€ 8,00
Hard Fretboard rectify (re-profiling included) on guitar€ 50,00
Superficial Fretboard rectify on guitar€ 35,00
Hard Fretboard rectify (re-profiling included) on bass€ 60,00
Superficial Fretboard rectify on bass€ 40,00
Price adding
+10% for vintage guitars

For quote on the frets of other instruments (es. baritone guitar) ask on the section contact.

Maintenance/ personalization

(for electric guitars)
Strings ferrules peghead adding (two strings)€ 12,00
Strings ferrules peghead adding (6 strings)€ 25,00
Custom engraving on pickguard€ 70,00 – € 120,00
Pickguard changing (work)€ 30,00
Custom pickguard€ 90,00-150,00
Bone nut, micarta nut, horn nut construction€ 45,00
Brass nut€ 70,00
Plastic nut€ 20,00
Bone nut, Gibson€ 50,00
Personal Decal on peghead + lacquer (draw not included)€ 150,00
Personal Decal on peghead + lacquer (draw included)€ 250,00
Tuners substitution € 25,00
Tuners substitution (different holes)€ 45,00
Tuners substitution (Spertzel) plus+ € 12,00
Guitar bridge alignment, new holes€ 60,00-150,00
Guitar strap button€ 35,00
Warm oil for fingerboard€ 5,00
Truss rod changing (restoration, saving fingerboard)€ 250,00 – € 450,00
Tuners setup with oil€ 6,00
Price adding
+10% for vintage guitars

Maintenance/ personalization

(for folk instruments)

The same prices apply as before, but with some exceptions:

Bridge ungluing / gluing (wooden part)€ 50,00
Bone bridge construction€ 25,00
Plastic bridge construction€ 5,00
Ribs gluing (each 10cm)€ 20,00
Semi-acoustic wood bridge adjustment, action / intonation€ 30,00-50,00
Price adding
+30% for vintage guitars


(valid for electric and electrified instruments)
Pickup change, S€ 25,00
Pickup change, SSS€ 40,00
Pickup change, H€ 25,00
Pickup change, HH€ 45,00
Replacement¹ each€ 12,00
Replacement¹ each. through “ff” holes€ 22,00
Replacement² each€ 8,00
Replacement² each through “ff” holes€ 25,00
Replacement³ each€ 12,00
Mono cable repair, unsoldered connector€ 5,00
Stereo cable repair, unsoldered connector€ 6,00
XLR cable repair, unsoldered connector€ 6,50
Mono 1/4 connector replacement€ 8,50
Stereo 1/4 connector replacement€ 9,50
XLR connector replacement€ 9,00
Cleaning electronic on guitars, silent instruments€ 12,00 – € 20,00
Cleaning electronic on guitars through “ff” holes€ 60,00 – € 80,00
Soldering a component€ 6,00
Soldering a component, through “ff” holes€ 55,00 – € 65,00
Pickguard shiedling only€ 15,00 – € 20,00
Shielding guitars pickup (foil conductive)€ 40,00 – € 70,00
Price adding
+10% for vintage guitars

For any other electronic repair go to the contact section and ask for a quote.


Bowed instruments


Strings mounting€ 7,00
Soundpost adjustment (structural)€ 25,00
Soundpost adjustment (timbre test)50,00
Nut adjustment€ 12,00
Pegs adjustment€ 15,00
Natural Polishing € 70,00
Bridge adjustment€ 18,00
Cleaning soundboard, ribs, back, neck€ 20,00
Diagnosis€ 40,00
Adding +20% for Cello e +35% per Double Bass


Peg hole restoring, each€ 80,00
New peg, set of 4 (work)€ 85,00
Bridge first quality (violins, viola)€ 100,00
Bridge first quality for Double Bass , fix€ 220,00
Bridge first quality for Double Bass , with wheels350,00
Bridge second quality (violins, viola)€ 55,00
Bridge third quality (violins, viola)€ 30,00
Soundpost first quality (timbre prove included)€ 75,00
Soundpost first quality, double bass (timbre prove included)€ 150,00
Soundpost second quality (timbre prove not included)€ 25,00
New nut (ebony or bone)€ 80,00
Fingerboard replacement with ebony first quality (violin, viola) € 280,00
Fingerboard replacement with ebony first quality (cello)€ 340,00
Fingerboard replacement with ebony first quality (double bass)€ 700,00
Fingerboard gluing€ 40,00
Violin’s fingerboard planing€ 150,00
Cello ‘s fingerboard planing€ 200,00
Double Bass ‘s fingerboard planing€ 300,00
Ritocco nero su tastiera ebanizzata (vernice sintetica)€ 35,00
Ritocco nero su capotasto ebanizzato (vernice sintetica)€ 6,00
Soundbar replacement (violin)€ 350,00
Soundbar replacement (cello)€ 420,00
Soundbar replacement (double bass)€ 750,00
Ribs gluing (each 10 cm)€ 25,00
Adding +20% for Cello e +35% per Double Bass


Leather change, with rubber € 20,00
Restoration/changing of brass eyelets € 25 ,00 – 45,00
Leather change€ 65,00
New tip on head (bone, ebony wood)€ 110,00
New tip on head (plastic)€ 70,00
Rehairing, french method (first rehairing)€ 60,00
Rehairing, french method (after first rehairing) € 55,00
Adjustment of the hair’s sits on frog and head € 25,00
Clealing and polishing € 15,00
Adjustment to the curve lev. 1€ 60,00
Adjustment to the curve lev. 2€ 120,00
Adjustment to the curve lev. 3€ 140,00


For electric guitars and basses, folk guitars, violins, violas, cellos, bows, classical guitars

Expertise, new instruments (value under 6000,00 euro) € 120,00
Expertise, new instruments (value under 20000,00 euro) € 200,00
Expertise, vintage guitars€ 150,00
+ 5% of value (more than € 3500,00)
Expertise on ancient bowed instruments and bows € 100,00 + 7% of the value
+ 2,5% of value (more than € 10000,00)
Superficial evaluation of the value of a musical instruments, not certificated (by mail or phone)€ 65,00


Setup  (2 hours)€ 150,00
Liuteria Experience course construction guitar / electric bass, starting from a semi-finished neck and creating a body by hand. The instrument is given to the student. Individual only, maximum duration 45 hours) ask a quote
School – Professional guitar / electric bass guitar making courses. The instrument is given to the student. Individual or in pairs, maximum duration 180-200 hours)ask for informations
Online Coaching (only for luthiers) If you are a luthier and you need some help and advise on your work, please contact us60,00 euro hour /lesson
Lutherie course for beginners. Assembling an instrument starting from semi-finished products (body, neck), understanding the dynamics of construction. Individual only (15 hours package, online or face-to-face)680,00 euro

For quote or info contact us