Luthier woods

“We do not use semi-finished products for our Masterbuilt and MY Guitar creations, our philosophy is to obtain a finished piece of which we know the origin, the quality and the processing method.”

The laboratory offers a wide selection of european, american and tropical woods.

“Liuteria Cesarini chooses not to sell or produce musical instruments that compromise the integrity of species protected by CITES (such as the last “dalbergia latifolia”). We no longer have rosewood in our warehouse, starting from 2017, the year in which we will run out of the few stocks we have. These woods can be replaced with other very similar woods.”

Federico Cesarini, Perugia 2017

For the Atelier we have only naturally seasoned woods, cut according to the classic radial cut. Our violins, cellos and acoustic guitars are built with doc spruce from Val di Fiemme, while the flamed maple is of various origins (italian, european).

For the electric instruments of the Cesarini Custom Shop the essences are different: various types of ash, aldler, sapeli mahogany alder, field maple, eyeball maple, flamed maple, poplar, linden, fir, ebony, pau ferro, cedar, mahogany kaya and others. Partially artificially seasoned, they are then kept in a controlled climate. We have cuts that can date back to the 1960s.

In our blog Inside The Lab we will soon give some indications for the choice of wood, which can be used by amateurs of the electronics sector. Go to this page: Choosing the wood to build a guitar (or bass)