Gypsy Guitars

“Quality handcrafted Gypsy guitars, electrified with piezo microphone systems of our conception. It is possible to request the C-Gitane Studio model or the entirely handmade C-Gitane Artisan model”

Gypsy guitar with a narrow hole, with a variable timbre model (cedar or spruce).

Gypsy guitar model C-Gitane Studio

The materials chosen for the C-Gitane Studio model are flamed maple laminated at the sides and back, cedar for the soundboard. On the neck there is an abundant “C” in mahogany, with a minimum thickness of 25mm and a maximum of 27mm (measurements including the thickness of the fingerboard). Abalone dot (3-5-7-10-12-17 Django Reinhardt positions) Second quality ebony fingerboard, black plastic thread, gold tailpiece and tuners.

Onboard is the preamplified piezo PC-GY 1 with tone and volume adjustments.

It can be equipped with a preamplified piezo microphone PC-GY 2 .


  • Nut width: 50mm
  • Diapason 670mm
  • Neck width “C”: min. 25mm max. 27mm
  • Bridge bridge 11mm
  • Radius 12″ fingerboard
  • Transparent pickguard
  • Semi-rigid case

Price: € 1.350,00

C-Gitane, Studio model with PC-GY 2 piezo microphone:

Gypsy guitar model C-Gitane Artisan

The materials for the C-Gitane Artisan are fully customizable, but the same tonal concept of the Studio remains. Basically the wood is solid flamed maple for the sides, back and spruce for the soundboard. The neck is mahogany, thinner. The quality of the mechanics is more precise, the nut width is slightly less. The mounted piezo microphone is the PC-GY 2 , equipped with multiple sounds, thanks to two adjustment switches, tone and volume.


  • Nut Width: 48mm
  • Diapason 670mm
  • Handle width “C”: min. 23.5mm> 25mm
  • Intercord bridge 10.8mm
  • Radius keyboard 10 “
  • Schaller mechanics
  • Clear or tortoiseshell pickguard
  • Standard dot positions. Django Reinhardt (3-5-7-10-12-17)
  • Hard Case

Prezzo: € 5.500,00