Atelier Cesarini

Tuning and maintenance

“This is the part that most important, in the setting up the secrets of your instrument are revealed. Often you don’t even realize its true value …”

The instrument must be delivered with strings mounted, so that an immediate evaluation of the intervention can be performed. The estimate will be made at the time of delivery of the instrument, we issue the work sheet with collection date. We can evaluate the remote intervention via email.

Our laboratory deals with any type of repair, in our social networks you can see all the repairs.

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We work on all plucked instruments and stringed instruments.

Re – hairing

“The bow is the extension of our arm when we play, so its maintenance must be adequate.”

The master luthier Federico Cesarini is a partner of ALADFI (French archetier ass.), he has perfected this technique in France under the guidance of Master Jean Grunberger .

The French method allows to obtain a balanced adjustment of the bow and allows to lodge the horsehair without any risk for the head or the frog. When cracking a violin, viola or cello bow, white horsehair is usually used, while black (or “salt and pepper”) is used for the double bass bow.

The hot bending is a procedure that is carried out on “twisted” or “weakened” arches. Over time, the bows can in fact lose the original curve and therefore the ability to stretch the hair.

In other cases they can warp to the right or left (axially, looking at the head from the tip) due to unbalanced cracks or other types of phenomena. We recommend keeping the bow straight as a twisted bow can only get worse over time.

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“Nothing has to be added or changed to the ancient instrument. The luthier’s job is therefore to keep the acoustic and aesthetic characteristics within the possibilities, in order to return the instrument to its former glory.”

Here are some galleries of work carried out on ancient instruments. The restorations are not meant only for classic antique instruments, but also for vintage electric instruments built from the 1960s to today.

CRUCIANELLI ELITE,Italian vintage guitar hollow body 1960 circa


SALVADOR IBANEZ, Classical Guitar 1900 Valencia

TELESFORO JULVE, Classical Guitar 1925-1932

GIOVAN PAOLO MAGGINI, Violin 1900 German copy


Classical Guitar handcrafted by CANU, contemporary

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