“At the Cesarini Custom Shop anyone can find their pickup! We offer various solutions to give your instrument your “voice”.

The laboratory offers various sets of Cesarini pickups, piezo systems and pre-amplification systems (onboard, shoulder, pedal) for acoustic and electric instruments, which it creates according to the timbral suggestions of the master luthier Federico Cesarini.

There are two types of pickups, magnetic and piezoelectric. The latter work with all types of strings (steel, nylon or gut), or through any medium that emits vibration.

Piezos, having a not very high output level and a not quite complete timbre, are usually used together with pre-amplification systems, which lower the input level, subsequently emphasizing certain frequencies through a multi-band equalizer.

The preamplifier always needs power supply, while the piezo only is to be considered “passive” without battery.



Magnetic pickups only work with steel strings via electromagnetic induction process. “Singlecoil” pickups are sensitive to magnetic fields generated by transformers, fluorescent lamps and other sources of interference and are prone to picking up hum and noise from these sources.

Dual coil or “humbucker” pickups use two specially configured coils to minimize this interference.

The sound of an electric guitar or bass depends a lot on this element. There are lengthy discussions among musicians about the advantages and disadvantages of the different models, and for someone who has no knowledge of electronics, the subject can seem very complicated.

Electrically the pickups are actually quite easy to understand, but the subjectivity in the search for the sound has no limits as there are many construction variables.

Our Custom Shop offers its own handcrafted pickups, products full of personality and highly refined in aesthetic and construction details.

Different types of pickups are offered in sets, each one has its own peculiarities. It is not recommended to purchase single pickups of any other nature,

in the case of double or triple pickup instruments. A set is tuned to sound good, in terms of tonal homogeneity, polarity and noise cancellation.

The sets can be edited in detail or ordered as they appear. Another way is the creation of a “ Pickup Custom “, or personalize every aspect: cover, engravings, wire, magnet, connections, etc …

Our pickup.


Cesarini Pickup
Cesarini Pickup, Big Beat

A good set of pickups at a lower price. They are always of our design, dedicated to all kinds. Only the coil is semi-finished, we add magnet, cables, cover, copper plate, screws.



Passive electrification (i.e. without onboard preamplifier) via piezo is the least invasive and natural way to amplify a classical / folk / semi-acoustic / electric guitar or other plucked instruments (mandolins, ukluleles, lutes, etc … ).

The piezos can be mounted in different ways: inside the case (figure 1), under the bridge (figure 2), incorporated into the bridge (figure 3).

For electrification of the inside of the case we offer our “Piezo tablets” (single version PC-CC1 or double PC-CC2 ). The sound is natural and full, but not manageable without some type of preamp. They are suitable for valuable instruments and classical guitars.

To have a sharper sound with more attack, which will not give any resonance problems, the “Piezo bar” is more suitable (Fishman version PC-CC3 )

The third case is a built-in piezo system + Tune or Matic ABR 1 bridge, to be mounted on an electric guitar. Usually this type of piezo circuitry “mixes” with the electronics of the magnetic pickups or use it stand-alone via active preamplifier inside the cavities. We have various types available on order.

cesarini piezo system
LR Baggs preamplificatore

In valuable instruments, where you still want to make electrification controlled by potentiometers, it is advisable to use piezo tablets and add passive tone and volume on the edge of the rosette,

to then process the sound externally via preamps that can also act as DIs. This type of modification does not affect the originality or the quality of the instrument.

Additionally, external preamps are often of higher quality than onboards. Liuteria Cesarini is an authorized center of U.S.A. LR Baggs and Aude, of which it can offer excellent prices compared to the market. We recommend purchasing their pre-amplifiers or piezo systems, applicable in cascade to almost all instruments: stringed instruments – ancient instruments – folk and classical guitars – piezoelectric instruments in general. A very versatile product, and contained in the cost, is definitely the Para Acoustic DI LR baggs. This can be powered at phantom or 9 volts, has a complete 5eq (and variable) parametric, a very useful and effective Notch control to remove stage or instrument resonances, phase inversion, volume and gain control, send / return for connect external effects, DI xlr output for silent balanced output to mixer and finally an additional ¼ jack output to connect an amplifier.

Aude preamplifiers creates for us different custom onboard configurations, for active circuit situations (for jazz bass, precision, music man, Ibanez, etc …) or for mixed circuits (active / passive).

lr baggs per violino
LR Baggs per violino

A very practical violin pickup with clear sound without resonances, is the LR Baggs, of which we offer the full version piezo + ¼ output jack (PC-VLR PLUS). The output impedance of this piezo is perfectly calibrated in LR Baggs systems, such as the Para Acoustic DI (item PC-LRP1). The jack has a very comfortable accommodation, to be placed near the chin guard. We recommend that the bridge be assembled and adjusted by authorized luthiers.


We build two types of piezoelectrics for double bass bridges (PC-DB) and cellos (PC-CE). The kits for sale consist of piezo, to be housed on the foot of the bridge, connection cable and output jack (including the locking system on the tailpiece). Recall that the passive piezo system prefers to have an active preamp in the chain. We recommend a professional assembly of the product, the system may not work at 100% due to numerous variables in the implementation, as well as the current instrument setup.

Here are some audio examples of the electric piezo for cello, which were recorded in three ways: Piezo PC-CE , in chain LR Baggs paracoustic, preamp. DI.

Three types of recording, via microphones or piezo:

  • 1x Samson condenser mic C1
  • 2x XY mic
  • Piezo PC-CE + Paracoustic preamplification

Apply to the tracks, equalization and light plate reverb.

All my loving (Samson)

All my loving (XY)

All my loving (Piezo PC-CE )

Lake of fire (Samson)

Lake of fire (XY)

Lake of fire (Piezo PC-CE )

Salut d’amour (Samson)

Salut d’amour (XY)

Salut d’amour (Piezo PC-CE )

Viva la vida (Samson)

Viva la vida (XY)

Viva la vida (Piezo PC-CE )

Volta la carta (Samson)

Volta la carta (XY)

Volta la carta (Piezo PC-CE )


We mount several onboard systems, the market offers compact products that are mounted on the left wing of the guitar (the most common). Other systems have fewer controls (with scroll wheel), but can be placed below the sound hole, so as to be invisible. The power supply is generally 9 volts, in some cases 3 volts. It is important to have the “Notch” control, to control the resonances on stage. To request more information write here.