“We present the laboratory and reveal the art of violin making through guided tours in Perugia led by the Master Luthier Federico Cesarini.”

The shop offers many ideas to explore:

  • Knowledge of tools and methods typical of classical Italian lutherie
  • Permanent exhibition of handcrafted instruments
  • The role of the luthier in Italian history
  • Woods, curiosities about the subject
  • The construction of the violin according to the Cremonese Stradivari method
  • The secrets of varnishes
  • The construction of an electric instrument (guitars / basses), curiosity around the subject.

We also offer other types of activities in collaboration with experts in the field:

  • Series of readings organized in one or more meetings, each dedicated to a different musical instrument. The instruments involved will be the lute, the arm lyre, the Neapolitan viola, the organ, the Renaissance guitar, the violin.