“We present the laboratory and reveal the art of violin making through guided tours in Perugia led by the Master Luthier Federico Cesarini. Experience in person. Guests will have a full immersion in the world of violin making, a typical work of our territory and considered one of the Italian excellences. They will safely visit our craft workshop, which is truly unique as an Atelier. They will learn the secrets of Stradivari’s 1600 violins and at the same time marvel at the techniques used to build an electric guitar. They will be able to observe how a piece of rough wood can become a musical instrument. “

Children are welcome . To all private groups of 8 people or more Federico Cesarini will offer an excellent gastronomic gift, extending the experience by an hour.

The shop offers many ideas to explore:

  • Knowledge of tools and methods typical of classical Italian lutherie
  • Permanent exhibition of handcrafted instruments
  • The role of the luthier in Italian history
  • Woods, curiosities about the subject
  • The construction of the violin according to the Cremonese Stradivari method
  • The secrets of varnishes
  • The construction of an electric instrument (guitars / basses), curiosity around the subject.

We also offer other types of activities in collaboration with experts in the field:

  • Cello concert (Vivaldi, Bach and more others)
  • Gastronomic activities