Vivaldi Offer

Atelier Cesarini offers a strong discount, dedicated to young musicians, on all products related to the string quartet, whether they are semi-professional Cesarini Pro Studio, Cesarini Selected and handcrafted bows, on professional instruments. Vivaldi Offer is valid only at certain times of the year and cannot be combined with other offers in progress.

It can be requested by all students under the age of 25, attending a course of music that is private or public (Conservatories, Music High Schools, all Music Schools that have no membership, regular private teachers).

The paper demonstration of attendance of this training course will be required (certificate of attendance at the Conservatory, Music High School, Music School or alternatively private writing signed by the teacher).

The offer is not repeatable.

To find out the period in which the offer is active go to our blog.

To apply, send an email to, specify your personal data (full name, address, social security number, telephone number) to request a quote.