“Umbria Guitars Making Experience” summer making guitar course in Italy

To describe this course, a few lines are certainly not enough, according to some of our past attendees:

“Umbria Guitars Experience is absolutely amazing. Having the opportunity to travel to Italy, make a guitar by yourself and meet so many other musicians it’s the best part of a summer. It is the perfect balance of knowing a new experience, musical instruction and cultural experience too”

one of the participants


We welcome applications from all people/musicians ages 18 and up, with no upper limit. We require 6 people as minimum.

We offer a full immersive experience in building a solid body guitar. Clearly the construction will have to be very simplified, but no less fun and interesting. The construction courses will be held in the mornings and some afternoons, then there will be tourist visits and typical Italian gastronomic experiences.

Make your perfect guitar, make wonderful friends and take time to enjoy the many delights of Umbria. Enjoy great food, archeological sites, a local Jazz festival (Umbria Jazz), local markets and much more! We are an age-inclusive group that welcomes people at many stages, the course is not too strenuous and can be done by anyone.

You may select two kind of courses, standard and advanced. On all courses the result will be to create a guitar that you can then take home, over the course of a week the neck and body are assembled, in the two week advanced course you can build a body from scratch and then attach a semi-finished neck to it. Guitar and bass have different costs, let’s have a look of the cost:

  • 2-week “Level 2” Advanced Session

2200,00 euro Cost for the entire course of Guitar Building (included all the hardwares and part to finish it)

(bass + 160,00 euro)

  • 1-Week “Level 1” Standard Session

1200,00 euro Cost for the entire course of Guitar Building (included all the hardwares and part to finish it)

(bass + 120,00 euro)


Third and fourth week of July, coinciding with the Umbria Jazz Festival.

2024 will begin 14 July

Local Attractions and Activities

Perugia Medieval City, tour guided
Umbria Jazz
Pizza/BBQ and local eating on venue and Cooking Clas


Will be not far from the laboratory, in the country side of Perugia, where the city name is Pila -Perugia.

  • Option 0 – No accomodation (transport by us can’t be requested)
  • + 380,00 euro one week Option 1 Dormitory – For people who can easily accommodate themselves, even in accommodation with other people, we have a very comfortable and pleasant option on the outskirts of the countryside. This way you can save a lot.
  • + 700,00 euro one week Option 2 Single B&B/Country House/Farmhouse – For all people who prefer to sleep alone in a room with air conditioning. Convenient, comfortable option located on the outskirts of the countryside.
  • Option 3 Custom, needs to be budgeted for


You can decide what type of meals you want:

  • “Meal n.0” option no meals included
  • +170,00 euro one week “Meal n.1option All lunches are included in the fee and are served in the same place as the course (buffet lunches). Dinners are not included.
  • +450,00 euro one week “Meal n.2 option with dinner activities” All lunches are included in the fee, they are served in the same place as the course (buffet lunches). 5 dinners are included, one of BBQ, one of typical Neapolitan pizza with cooking class, another two of Umbrian specialties and finally one at a culinary festival in Umbria (Sagra).


Transfers included in the price for all activities, including those from the accommodation to the location of the violin making course when you choose to stay at our recommended places.

  • +150,00 euro private shuttle for transportation between Accomodation and Course venue all days
  • +160,00 euro private shuttle cost if you choose “Meal Option n.2”
  • +80,00 euro Visit to Perugia during Umbria Jazz (only in group)
  • +120,00 euro Visit to Assisi (only in group)

The Place, Atelier Cesarini

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