Offer period on musical instruments, Vivaldi Offer

This is the page where the activation periods of the Vivaldi Offer are reported. At the moment the offer period on our musical instruments is scheduled between 10/15/2021 and 12/12/2021. Requests for quotations or purchases paid during the period will be able to enjoy significant discounts, explained on this page.

  • Professional violins, 10% discount
  • Semi-professional violins, 5% discount
  • Professional violas 30% discount
  • Semi-professional violas, 20% discount
  • Professional cellos 20% discount
  • Semi-professional cellos, 10% discount
  • Cesarini Selected bows, 20% discount
  • Ancient instruments, 10% discount

LAST UPDATE (12/02/2021)

It is possible to try our creation remotely, through forms of loan on payment.

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