Federico Cesarini is an active Italian luthier in central Italy since 2012. Represented by the master luthier Federico Cesarini, builder and restorer, enrolled in the Chamber of Commerce as craftsman / artist and expert on the subject. Young business, but which already has a very large network of customers, dealing with almost all musical instruments.

The musical instrument workshop is divided into three sections: Cesarini Custom ShopAtelier CesariniPro Studio Instruments.

The construction, repair, development and customization of acoustic, electric and electrified musical instruments and bows is carried out. Each customer finds with us the possibility to customize and adjust every detail of his instrument.

The restoration of ancient instruments is also carried out with due attention to the maintenance of the historical and acoustic characteristics. Particular attention is given to antique or vintage instruments, to be restored or evaluated. Maestro Federico Cesarini has the means and knowledge to evaluate the right intervention on a valuable musical instrument.

The laboratory is located just 10 km away from Perugia, in a residential and convenient location for getting there.

In addition to laboratory activity, Maestro Federico Cesarini personally takes care of the violin making blog “Inside The Lab” and the streaming music events “Cesarini Jam Session” and “Musica e Liuteria“.

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Our production of electric instruments, of which we carry out the construction / customization / setup

Musical Instrument Shop guitar
CESARINI Masterbuilt
Our best self-builded Electric Guitars / Electric Basses
Musical Instrument Shop guitar
CESARINI Vintage Series
Restored vintage Electric Guitars / Electric Basses
Musical Instrument Shop g bass
CESARINI Reissue Series
Pimped up Electric Guitars / Electric Basses
CESARINI Pickup & Piezo System
Passive and active amplification systems

“Musical collaborations with great interpreters of the Italian scene”


The acoustic instruments, electrified, bowed instruments and bows of which we carry out the construction / restoration / tuning.

Musical instrument shop
Acoustic instruments, electrified, bowed instruments, bows
Music Shop in Perugia
Construction is ongoing
Luthier Federico Cesarini
Our speciality
Rehairing in Perugia
We re hair your bow according to the french method, safer than the italian method