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To see our warehouse go to the Woods section. Customizing the guitar will require you to submit your choices to the luthier Federico Cesarini, who will be able to guide you in the various options. To proceed on your project go to the page MY Guitar.



With hard woods (USA ash, oak, chestnut, maple, mahogany, beech) it is possible to obtain small bodies perfectly balanced at the neck.

B1European heavy ash, one piece (tonal chambers required)
B2European heavy ash, 2 pcs glued (tonal chambers required)
B3European heavy ash “olive”, one piece(tonal chambers required)
B4European heavy ash “olive”, 2 pcs glued (tonal chambers required)
B5Ligh ash (Swamp ash), monoblocco
B6Ligh ash (Swamp ash), 2 pcs glued
B7Aldler, one piece
B8Aldler, 2 pcs glued
B9Mape, one piece
B10Maple, 2 pcs glued
B11Sapele Mahogany, one-piece (tonal chambers required)
B12Sapele Mahogany, 2 pieces (tonal chambers required)
B13Oak, 2 pieces (tonal chambers needed)
B14Chestnut, 2 pieces (tonal chambers needed)
B15Red Spruce, 2 pieces glued


Sulla scheda “MY Guitar” aggiungere il top che si vuole abbinare al body (esempio Bx + Tx).

T0Hard european ash, 2 pcs glued
T1Hard european ash “olive”, 2 pcs glued
T2Field Maple, 2 pieces
T3Flamed maple (low flame), 2 pieces
T4Flamed maple (strong flame), 2 pieces
T5Alder, 2 pieces
T6Sapele mahogany, 2 pieces
T7Marbled mango, 2 pieces (1 giacenza)
T8Spruce, 2 pieces
T8bRED spruce, 2 pieces
T9Beech, 2 pieces
T10Chestnut, 2 pieces
T11Walnut, 2 pieces
T12Oak, 2 pieces


For necks laminated (more woods glued), especially suitable for basses 5-6 or more strings, contact the luthier.

M0Tangential field maple
M1Radial field maple
M2Flamed radial maple
M3Sapele mahogany
M4Mahogany Cedrella
M5Mahogany kaya
M6Swamp ash
M8Walnut (not always in stock)
M10Red spruce


F0Ebony first grade (black)
F1Tangential field maple
F2Radial field maple
F3Flamed radial maple
F4Mahogany Sapeli
F5Eye maple
F6Rosewood look (pau ferro, ebony third quality)