Black Telecaster

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Highlightslong seasoned ash wood (1988) – Ash top and tonal chambers – sustain
BodyAsh, 1 piece + top
NeckRadial flamed maple , C Style, bolt on
FingerboardRadial maple
Diapason648 mm
Strings010 – 046
VarnishPoliuretanica, nero opaco
WiringPassive, pot 250k Bourns
Volume, tone
Switch 3 way Crl
Output jack Switchcraft
PickupsNeck Golden age, USA
Bridge Golden age, USA
TunersGotoh, staggered
Frets22, accufret mediumjumbo
Nut43,5 mm, bone
EndorsedStefano Mincone
ModelFender Telecaster

C-Tele is born is a solid body (body in European ash + top in European ash), but with the presence of large tonal chambers. This gives it sustain and, of course, less weight. It plays fully even without plugging it into the amplifier. It has a strong attack, this is because the “Telecaster” type Gotoh bridge is positioned on a European ash top which is thin and very hard, therefore with a high sonic response. The choice not to resort to the classic “swamp ash”, with a tone that is certainly softer and closer to alder (aldler), is dictated by the fact that we wanted a guitar with a strong personality, pushed on the mid-highs, but not so much on the highs.

The neck is in flamed maple, has a slight elegant flame on the back towards the bass. The choice of marbled, harder and heavier than the simple field maple, is forced by the European ash body. To have a “vibrating” body / neck system, its specific gravity must be fairly balanced. So we have a fully resonant guitar. The rest of the hardware is highly selected, guaranteeing extreme precision in tuning.

Two words for this beautiful set of USA “Golden Age” pickups, which reproduce the legendary tone of the 50s. With these pu the typical Tele “tinkle” (twang) becomes an added value, well usable in many situations; it does not give exaggerated feedback and it is not squeaky (too many mid-highs) like some pickups mounted on modern Telecasters.

Black relic is the look, elegant with a vintage flavor. It does not want to be the “reissue” of any model, it has its size so it is unique. Recognition sign is given by the “end fret” (the keyboard ends with a key, not wood).