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Not available – Reproducible at a cost of € 2,300.00


Highlightslow action – comfort of the neck – tight nut
CorpoAlder, 2 pieces
ManicoMaple, “C” style, bolt on
Diapason863 mm
Corde045 – 105
VerniciaturaOlympic White, nitro
Radius manico7,5″
Pot 250k Bourns,
Volume, tone. blender
Output jack Switchcraft
PickupsNeck Golden age, USA
Bridge Golden age, USA
BattipennaPvc, n-b-n
Capotasto38,5 mm , bone
SerieCesarini Masterbuilt
EndorsedAntonio Lusi
ModelloFender Jazz fretless

CESARINI JAM SESSION // C-Jazz, Fender Jazz fretless with Lusi trio (#01 ep. 01)

Endorser of the instrument is Lusi , Italian bassist.

One of the first Masterbuilt instruments of the Cesarini Liuteria, the C-Jazz is a 4-string fretless, without references. A fairly difficult bass to play, but pure … It has a first choice ebony fingerboard, the truss rod is two-way, accessible from the headstock. Golden Age pickups, they are excellent vintage aftermarket single coils from USA.

At the nut the neck width is minimal, about 38mm, the external strings are therefore kept extremely marginal. The grip is therefore very comfortable, even for a small hand.

The bass has an alder body and radial maple neck, the headstock is thicker than Fender’s (22mm versus Fender’s 18-19mm). These thicknesses ensure that the ebony fingerboard (8mm thick) does not prevent the vibration of the neck / headstock system, making the whole instrument very resonant.

In the video Lusi plays C-Jazz in an interpretation of “The Chicken” (Jaco Pastorius).

Formation “Lusi Trio”:
Antonio Lusi // Bass (C-Jazz fretless, Masterbuilt)
Gabriele Giovenali // Drum (FrankDrums)
Gabriele Bianchi // Guitar (C-Sixties , Cesarini Vintage Series ’60)