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“One day I decided I wanted to make a real “Sunburst”, or a tobacco finish, or literally a “burnt sun”. The prototype I chose for this project was a vintage Yamaha from the ’70s, the guitar already sounded good and had a wonderful neck, but it certainly lacked timbre and above all projection on the medialts. The project worked!

“C-Burst” (burned) is new at Cesarini, but it has certainly already been tried elsewhere in the form of “roast neck” or similar. Perhaps on the soundboard of an economic mid-range folk instrument it has never been tested, at least from my research. The result of this experiment went very well, so much so that we repeated it on another Yamaha, above all to understand if it could be considered a consolidated and working method in all cases.

The second in this figure is called C-Burst. The instrument, like the first prototype, has acquired, thanks to the finish we call “Cesarini Burst”, a considerable depth and pleasant coloring in the mid-high range, which it certainly did not have before. This “treatment” of ours can be carried out on any acoustic folk instrument, it is to be considered very invasive, the instrument will certainly not return to the beginning. We will create more examples of burnt guitar, that’s for sure. “

Music and Lutherie, with Stefano Cerisoli – ‘O Sole Mio

At the Cesarini Lutherie workshop, Stefano Cerisoli offers this beautiful arrangement of “O Sole Mio” (Fausto Mesolella) on our guitar “C-Burst”. Mix of the track: Paolo Alberta.