Guitar wood, how to choose

Do you want to build a custom guitar in our workshop? These are the guidelines for choosing wood, you can certainly use them for personal amateur projects as well.

There are many woods and often you don’t understand anything, just because industrial marketing prefers to have us ignorant. The major industrial groups manufacturers of musical instruments partly to safeguard themselves … Continua a leggere

Offer period on musical instruments, Vivaldi Offer

This is the page where the activation periods of the Vivaldi Offer are reported. At the moment the offer period on our musical instruments is scheduled between 10/15/2021 and 12/12/2021. Requests for quotations or purchases paid during the period will be able to enjoy significant discounts, explained on this page.

  • Professional violins, 10% discount
  • Semi-professional violins, 5% discount
  • Professional
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How to mount strings on Steinberger guitar

Steinberger have various types of compatible strings, for both bass and guitar. There are Steinberger strings with double ball end, that is with the double ball (like the esxl110 D’Addario), alternatively you can mount the standard strings, being careful using some tricks. I recommend the second route, because the double shot strings are badly found and cost twice as much.… Continua a leggere

Wood thumb rest, for a jazz bass

Realization for jazz bass, a beautiful thumb rest in multi layer maple – rosewood, colors that match very well with the tortoiseshell of this Fender. I make thumb rests of any wood, but I recommend using tropical hardwoods (ebony, rosewood).

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Bone nut, which one?

There are four variants at the Cesarini Custom Shop, choosing a bone nut must be considered, since the “expense / yield” is different.

The choices in ascending order in terms of remainder and cost are:

1 – pre-worked nut in “light” bone (white color)

2- nut to be worked in cow bone (white color)

3- nut to be worked in … Continua a leggere

Lutherie School online and face-to-face

Individual course face-to-face, Lutherie School

“My favorite formula is this. I recommend my head-to-head electric guitars making course, where the participant will not only learn very well how to design a guitar (or a bass), but will bring it back home together with other tools necessary for construction.”

The cost of the face-to-face lutherie school is to be considered very … Continua a leggere

Home delivery luthier, for student in Perugia

For the entire Covid period and also in the future I will ensure that there is a collection / delivery at home in the districts of the historic center of Perugia. This transport service will be carried out in complete safety and not by courier, your musical instrument will be in my laboratory within 15 minutes. In particular, we advise … Continua a leggere