Left Handed Parker guitar replica

Our greatest effort has been made to copy this beautiful guitar, studied in every detail. Hats off to Parker that he conceived it, we just wanted to demonstrate our constructive ability.

The instrument was made using the parts of a right Parker Fly, for which there were various forcings such as the electronics made with a re-soldered ribbon, the inverted bridge with consequences on the intonation and on the “wrong” position of the lever. If it had been conceived with other parts it would have been perfect, but we wanted to make a replica.

Mahogany through-body neck, with maple “wings”, ebony fretboard. There is no carbon, but the weight of the instrument is only 0.5 kg higher than the original Parker. We used Schaller locking tuners, two-way truss rod, adjustable from behind the neck pickup.

Canary yellow polyurethane paint. The instrument is aesthetically and functionally identical to the original.


The instrument is thus finished, with very low action and very comfortable.


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