Bow Making School – in Italy

Currently our bow construction course is suspended due to a large commitment in the construction of our products, but the bow tuning courses remain active

The course teaches, preferably to those who already have some basic knowledge of lutherie, how to replace the hair, how to change the banding and the silver wire (level 1 course). It can be added separately to the course for changing the head shoe (level 2 course). You don’t need to know the construction of the bow, but good manual skills are required.

You are all welcome, luthiers who want to specialize, teachers who want to provide their own cracks, students of musical instruments or collectors.

The “level 1 bow set” school lasts 6 days (Monday to Saturday). Level 2 school lasts 3 days and requires you to have completed level 1 first.

For information on the cost of the course, write to the contact section. We suggest having a Zoom call to introduce ourselves.

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