How to mount strings on Steinberger guitar

Steinberger have various types of compatible strings, for both bass and guitar. There are Steinberger strings with double ball end, that is with the double ball (like the esxl110 D’Addario), alternatively you can mount the standard strings, being careful using some tricks. I recommend the second route, because the double shot strings are badly found and cost twice as much.

To fit normal strings you will need to cut them to a certain length, so that they don’t bother at the top of the instrument. The smooth strings unfortunately cannot simply be stopped with the caterpillars at the end of the neck, because they will slip as soon as the tuning is done.

I use mini rivets and have the rope double twist on them, so they are stopped by the rivet, which acts like a double bullet. If desired, rivets can be reused for each string change. Here are some photos of the intervention.

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