Violin cost right? Take a basic Cesarini Pro Studio

For those looking for a studio violin at the right price, not too low and not too high, we recommend our line of basic package studio violins. These are violins optimized in lutherie, of all formats from 1/8 to 4/4. Check how to buy one of our violin.

Violin cost right to start? Which is? I think it’s a question that all families ask themselves. A new violin costs from 100.00 euros to a limit amount that can be 400.00 euros, after this amount we can find study violins of another category (in the case of Atelier Cesarini the higher level than the base is the Advanced Package ).

Buying a 100,00 euro violin is not convenient, the sound will always be poor and the tuning difficult to maintain. We don’t talk about the bow, it will probably be crooked and not very usable. Anyone who plays such a quality will hardly find love with this instrument. Those who spend over € 200.00 can begin to find a decent quality, well usable on the studio. Our tools do not go beyond these figures and have included many improvements.

The package includes everything a boy or adult who is about to start the instrument needs: violin, good bow, rosin, case, backrest. Our lutherie control allows us to always give you a valid instrument, which sounds good and tunes easily.

From 2021 in promotion, Atelier Cesarini also offers you a period of one month of free lessons with an excellent violin teacher (online or face-to-face). Here are some photos of our basic studio violins:

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