Online Courses – Cesarini Luthier School

The online lessons will be theoretical only and you will have to proceed in the practical part in a totally autonomous way. The goal can be easily reached through our remote help that you can spend in time of need. In fact we give the possibility to use as you like a package of 15 hours, where the lesson must have a minimum duration of 1 hour. You can obviously add some recovery hours.

The goal that can be reached in 15 hours is to assemble a neck and body of an electric instrument. With a longer course (20 hours), the more capable people will be able to try to make the leotard from wood, but we recommend not making the handle. To make the neck and body by hand it will take at least double the hours of the course (about 40 hours). We can provide you with excellent semi-finished products and wood for construction.

Contact us at or through what’s app for more information and to get an idea of ​​the costs.

A left-handed Parker like in construction, customization at the highest level!

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