Bow Making School – in Italy

corso di incrinatura archetto

Currently our bow construction course is suspended due to a large commitment in the construction of our products, but the bow tuning courses remain active

The course teaches, preferably to those who already have some basic knowledge of lutherie, how to replace the hair, how to change the banding and the silver wire (level 1 course). It … Continua a leggere

Left Handed Parker guitar replica

left handed parker

Our greatest effort has been made to copy this beautiful guitar, studied in every detail. Hats off to Parker that he conceived it, we just wanted to demonstrate our constructive ability.

The instrument was made using the parts of a right Parker Fly, for which there were various forcings such as the electronics made with a re-soldered ribbon, the inverted … Continua a leggere

John Frusciante pickup, a very good copy

seymour duncan antiquity

Our handcrafted pickups are often modeled on others already known, we make no secret of this (e.g. Big Beat). It’s good to have a reference model, to get to a good result sooner. Our pickups can be made in a custom and personal way, these above in the image are inspired by the sound of John Frusciante (on … Continua a leggere

How to rent a cello in Italy

We offer the Rental of string instruments as a service, even on the possibility of shipping in Italy. In this post we examine what concerns the rental of the cello.

The qualities and sizes offered for hire are very varied, we start from studio quality to get to handcrafted instruments. The measurements start from 1/8 to get to 4/4. The … Continua a leggere

Amplifier repair in Perugia

Cesarini Custom Shop deals with the repair or customization of any type of circuit related to electrical instruments, but not only. We repair and test amplifiers, pedals and other electronic parts.

The most common operations are these:

  • amplifier repair
  • mixer repair
  • audio systems repair
  • change of preamp tubes and amplifier rectifiers
  • change of final valves and possible Bias test
  • replacement
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Handcrafted cello bridge, made in Italy

handcrafted cello bridge

We report the new mycelloBridge shop in Italy, at the domain

For those looking for a professional quality bridge, with seasoned woods and superior performance to those built up to now, we recommend visiting this artisan shop. Bridges are made for cello of all kinds (Belgian, French and innovative) and with different seasoned woods:

S + for seasoned wooden … Continua a leggere

Online Courses – Cesarini Luthier School

The online lessons will be theoretical only and you will have to proceed in the practical part in a totally autonomous way. The goal can be easily reached through our remote help that you can spend in time of need. In fact we give the possibility to use as you like a package of 15 hours, where the lesson must … Continua a leggere