Handcrafted cello bridge, made in Italy

We report the new mycelloBridge shop in Italy, at the domain https://www.mycellobridge.com/

For those looking for a professional quality bridge, with seasoned woods and superior performance to those built up to now, we recommend visiting this artisan shop. Bridges are made for cello of all kinds (Belgian, French and innovative) and with different seasoned woods:

S + for seasoned wooden jumpers in club cars

S ++ for natural aging of at least 20 years

S Extra for aging over 50 years

In addition, the fully made in Italy experimental models Inflex® and Tonale® are produced. Tonale is a bridge that has a hollowed out sound box inside. Inflex is a reinforced bridge, which does not flex easily over time and is not plowed by the strings in a short time. Here are some pictures.

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