Fender custom pickups style – Cesarini Pickup

With Stefano we met through about 2016, it was spring and he was about to prepare for the tour of Patty Pravo, which would take place in Italy in the summer. He showed me his Stratocaster Fender, which did not fully convince him of setup and sound. We made a nice change of keys, change the nut (had a roller nut, which did not seem positioned in the best way) and then we tried our set of C-Shapely single coil pickups.

Stratocaster Stefano Cerisoli + pickup Cesarini C - Shapely
Stratocaster Stefano Cerisoli + C-Shapely
C-Shapely pickups Cesarini
montaggio del set C-Shapely

C-Shapely is a kind of Fender Custom Pickup, that comes with very similar tonal qualities in the three positions. So there is not a bridge too loud or too dark and swollen handle, the sound is always faithful to a certain sound. The compensation of volumes between the various positions is therefore not through a progressive impedance, but through the arrangement of the magnets. The result is a very interesting set – usable in any genre, but that gives the maximum in pop, funky, rock. The coil is made of dielectric bakelite, which makes their look very vintage.

From this our first meeting a collaboration was born. We will also be preparing Stefano Cerisoli for the Masini tour. Here he gave us a small demonstration of the newly assembled pickups.

Stefano Cerisoli endorsement Cesarini Pickups

Biography follows

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Rehairing, some advices (example during a violin bow rehair)

Our advice to evaluate a rehairing.

on pic a double bass rehairing

  • if the hairs are pulled out from the head or the frog, it could be a loosening of a weak node in the “mortes”.
  • if the hairs break too easily or stretch too much, or they are of poor quality or the flame on them is used to “stretch them” (bad procedure, here is bandit!). There may be other causes, but they are more rare.
  • if the bow leap too easily, compared to before, maybe a wrong number of hairs have been mounted.
  • if they wooden tap slip out from the “mortes” of the frog or head, it means the mortes may not have been properly adjusted.
  • if you find a split tip and before it was not, probably the wooden tap has been  plugged too much pressurized.
  • if the frog breaks off, a wooden tap in the wood will probably be too pressurized.

on video a violin bow rehair

“Inside The Lab”, luthier blog about musical instruments

Atelier Cesarini
Atelier Cesarini & Cesarini Custom shop

Inside The Lab“, luthiery blog, shares works on musical instruments and human experiences with all music lovers and musicians, nationally and internationally. The laboratory is located in Perugia, Umbra province, known worldwide for its strong artisan workers, gastronomic and artistic concentration as well as cultural importance. Liuteria Cesarini is a laboratory in which modern and classic converge together, purely artisanal production and controlled machine production coexist. The master luthier Federico Cesarini develops the classic luthier canons in a technological sense, combining the purely artisanal creations with the studio series.

Pickup for Double Bass, luthier choice

On another page of the blog I listed several piezo / pickup systems for double bass, which have pros and cons to examine carefully. Here I report only a live test, of our PC-DB low gain version. Giacomo Rossetti plays with piezo Pc-Db mounted on C – Double Face.

Negrita – Che Tempo Che Fa (Monnalista – Graziani I.)

This is Negrita live in Che tempo che fa is in effect a test, given that it is one of the first piezo I made, a near prototype. It seems to have gone just fine.

Giacomo Rossetti – Cesarini Bass guitars, endorsement

I met Giacomo during the Liuteria Cesarini expo 2015, at Umbria Jazz. He has not been in the Negrita (great rock italian band) for a long time and has shown interest in some of the instruments I proposed for his 2015/2016 summer tours. Giacomo comes from sound Fender Precision and Music Man, so I offered him the C-Man and C-Precision. He preferred the C-Precision, which mounts a split dipper Di Marzio cream 70s. The decidedly “swollen” sound is rock.

Di Marzio '70 pickups
Di Marzio ’70

G. tested the C-Precision bass here:

Giacomo Rossettiwith C-Precision, Loop jam

The C-Precision is a Vintage Series ’70 instrument, that is an instrument assembled with parts of vintage parts of interest, which can no longer be taken back to their origin. The instrument in question has been restored and adjusted, as well as changed in various aspects (thickness of body, varnish, C of the neck, electronics, etc …).

Giacomo Rossetti Negrita and Federico Cesarini
Giacomo Rossetti and Federico Cesarini (C-Precision)

Giacomo Rossetti bio follows

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C-Gold Bronze, vintage bass guitars (Cesarini Vintage Series ’60)

C-Gold Bronze
C-Gold Bronze

Cesarini Vintage Series is the collection of our vintage assembled instruments. Restored parts, which were part of vintage instruments from the 60s – 70s and 80s, come back together to constitute an entire philological guitar or bass guitar, which we then optimized to the best of its potential.

Vintage pickup per basso
vintage bass pickup

The C-Gold Bronze pickups have been restored, very particular and very quiet, which give the bass a full sound between the single coil and the precision, a formidable attack given the ceramic magnet and a very pleasant nasality given by the metal mask type PAF Gibson.

The cable was interrupted, so we only rebuilt the coil and redone the already existing beeswax shield (wax potting).

The varnish is Cesarini Sienna Burst, that is a Fender sunburst with a glossy open pore.

The detailes of our vintage bass guitars is at this page (learn more).

Antonio LUSI funky-jazz trio, playing C-Gold Bronze on a Cesarini Jam Session


Luthier exhibition during Umbria Jazz 2014, Perugia

Esposizione del liutaio
Esposizione del Mastro liutaio Federico Cesarini

Luthier exhibition during Umbria Jazz 2014, Perugia

Federico Cesarini
Federico Cesarini

Umbria Jazz 2014
Umbria Jazz 2014






As per our will, the exhibition is always in contact with the public and in fair settings, such as the umbrian jazz festival.


We thank the Foundation of the Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia, which gave us the opportunity to use its premises in Corso Vannucci. During the week we organized some great Cesarini Jam Session live.

Have played on jam during the contest, Matteo Parretta, Lusi, Gabriele Bianchi, Pietro Cavallucci, Vinson Johnson, Gabriele Bianchi, Stefano Mincone, Fabio D’Onofrio, Michelangelo Brandimarte, Luca Di Battista e molti altri.