Restoration of a musical instrument, antique violins value.

Comparing the opening of a violin to restore to a complex surgical operation, which is the opening of the chest, is it right? I would say no, but many similarities can be found.

Violino restauro

The opening of an instrument is always possible, sometimes uninvited because it is invasive, but which, on the other hand, is often indispensable, and above all, can be an improvement.

As a surgical operation that wants to restore the functions of the heart, similarly to the violin to be restored, it is intended to restore its “voice”

A targeted restoration can bring to its old splendor even an old instrument of 1600. The things to keep in mind during the operation are varied, you can not count too much on your subjectivity or your taste, you have to respect the fundamental rules and the historical and philological characteristics of the violin, viola, cello or whatever it is.

Often, in the experience, some aspects are neglected, as it may be that you want to change the varnish propriety (because it is too much ruined), or maybe changing the sound by too much thickening. This would be a sin of intelligence.

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