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Cesarini PRO Student Instruments

Big suppliers never really provide convenient and efficient instruments, therefore we propose a series of professional instruments for students, semi-handmade or created entirely from selected woods. Both are optimized and tested in our laboratory, accompanied by a quality certification. "PRO Studio Instruments" is an Atelier Cesarini's brand.

Our PRO Studio Instruments can be tested at any time at our laboratory or with a loan for use, even through shipping. The workmanship for these handcrafted instruments is varied, so their price may fluctuate. The woods used can be of extra quality, first, second or third quality. The crafting process and the accessories (frame and strings) can also make the difference.



The package includes instrument, bow, case and pitch.

  • Violins - starting from € 750,00 (always available)
  • Violas - a partire da € 1350,00 (not always available)
  • Violoncelli - a partire da € 1250,00 (always available)
  • Contrabbassi - a partire da € 3300,00 (only on order, 2 months of waiting)



The package includes instrument, bow, case and pitch.

  • Violini - starting from € 2950,00 (not always available, 6/9 months of waiting)
  • Viole - starting from € 2950,00 (not always available, 6/9 months of waiting)
  • Violoncelli - starting from € 4800,00 (not always available, 6/12 months of waiting)

The instrument will be accompanied by a quality and warranty certificate signed by the Master Liutaio.

M° Mathilde Sigier reinterprets the "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso" main theme (1988, G. Tornatore, soundtrack composed by Ennio Morricone).

The different options:

Available sizes for each instrument:

  • 1/2 (available for violins and cellos)
  • 3/4 (available for violins/violas/cellos/double basses)
  • 4/4 (available for violins/violas/cellos)

Available strings (fake gut):

Violins and violas:

  • Atelier Cesarini n.6
  • Atelier Cesarini n.7
  • Atelier Cesarini n.8
  • Thomastik Dominant
  • Thomastik Vision
  • Thomastik Spirocore


  • Atelier Cesarini n.10
  • Atelier Cesarini n.11

Double basses:

  • Gewa
  • Cesarini n.15

Available bows:



  • Cesarini Selected CB, Brasiletto / Brasiletto EXTRA
  • Cesarini Selected CC, Carbon / Carbon EXTRA
  • Cesarini Selected CP, Pernambuco / Pernambuco EXTRA
  • Cesarini Selected CS, Snake wood / Snake wood EXTRA

Double basses:

  • Brasiletto, french (included)
  • Cesarini Selected CB, Brasiletto EXTRA, french/deutsch frog
  • Cesarini Selected CP, Pernambuco, french frog
  • Cesarini Selected CP, Pernambuco EXTRA, french/deutsch frog
  • Cesarini Selected CS, Snake wood, frog francese

Setup executed on all products:

Messa a punto

I The violin is more comfortable, it holds the tuning, it sounds better.

  • Nut setup
  • Bridge setup
  • Peg holes setup
  • Pegs greasing
  • Soundpost setup
  • Fine tuners setup
  • Strings mounting, tuning

The instrument can be ordered by phone or by sending an email to customservice@liuteriacesarini.com indicating the options chosen.

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