How to rent a cello in Italy

We offer the Rental of string instruments as a service, even on the possibility of shipping in Italy. In this post we examine what concerns the rental of the cello.

The qualities and sizes offered for hire are very varied, we start from studio quality to get to handcrafted instruments. The measurements start from 1/8 to get to 4/4. The best cellos (Advanced Cesarini Pro, Handcraft Semi Professional Cesarini Pro and Handcraft Professional) are only present in the 4/4 size.

Handcrafted quality instruments are only hired to professionals and teachers. The cellos that can be entrusted to a student are the Base Cesarini Pro or the Advanced Cesarini Pro.

The minimum rental period is 1 month for professional and semi-professional instruments, while for the advanced and basic it is 3/6 months. Go to the Cesarini Pro Studio or Professional Cellos link to find out about our available instruments.

FOR ORCHESTRAS OR FESTIVALS: we have up to 18 instruments to rent

rent a cello in Italy

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