Fender custom pickups style – Cesarini Pickup

With Stefano we met through about 2016, it was spring and he was about to prepare for the tour of Patty Pravo, which would take place in Italy in the summer. He showed me his Stratocaster Fender, which did not fully convince him of setup and sound. We made a nice change of keys, change the nut (had a roller nut, which did not seem positioned in the best way) and then we tried our set of C-Shapely single coil pickups.

Stratocaster Stefano Cerisoli + pickup Cesarini C - Shapely
Stratocaster Stefano Cerisoli + C-Shapely
C-Shapely pickups Cesarini
montaggio del set C-Shapely

C-Shapely is a kind of Fender Custom Pickup, that comes with very similar tonal qualities in the three positions. So there is not a bridge too loud or too dark and swollen handle, the sound is always faithful to a certain sound. The compensation of volumes between the various positions is therefore not through a progressive impedance, but through the arrangement of the magnets. The result is a very interesting set – usable in any genre, but that gives the maximum in pop, funky, rock. The coil is made of dielectric bakelite, which makes their look very vintage.

From this our first meeting a collaboration was born. We will also be preparing Stefano Cerisoli for the Masini tour. Here he gave us a small demonstration of the newly assembled pickups.

Stefano Cerisoli endorsement Cesarini Pickups

Biography follows


Born in Arezzo on 31/08/1977, he began studying the very young guitar at the age of 6, winning many international classical competitions at 12, 14 and 15 years; he was the youngest guitarist of the “Chamber Music Orchestra” in August 1991 at the Cantiere di Montepulciano conducted by C. W. Henze.

He studied classical guitar with Maestro Gonzalo Solari, Abel Carlevaro, and modern guitar, jazz, harmony with T. Lama, S. Zenni.

In 2003 he graduated from the University of Siena in Literature and then studied at the G.B. Martini. Since 2000 he has worked as a music teacher at the private and state schools of Florence and Arezzo.

He works as a session musician in live and in studio with many artists such as: Cesare Chiodo, Fabrizio Barbacci, Maurizio Fabrizio, Gianni Maroccolo, Valentina Giovagnini, Chile, Irene Grandi, Negrita, Francesco Renga, Irene Fornaciari, Marco Masini, Patty Pravo, Bertè.

He is also a music producer, and in 2010 he produced and arranged the album “Tempesta di fiori” for Andrea Chimenti and the song “Cuore Bianco” in 2015, written by Marco Parente for Irene Grandi. Many appearances on TV, in Rai, Mediaset and Sky.

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