A truthful certification of expertise , or alternatively a quick oral assessment, are the two solutions that Atelier Cesarini offers to private individuals who want to understand the value of a bow or pinch instrument in their possession. "

Maestro Federico Cesarini, enrolled as luthier and technician at the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia (n. 720, 2018), regarding the evaluation of new and ancient musical instruments, is able to give you a written evaluation for your instrument, strings (only violins, violas and cellos and bows) or plucked (classical guitars, mandolins) instruments. The certification of expertise , which will be unique and not reproducible in the press, will have legal validity for the contraction of insurance on the value or in the sale between private or by succession of inheritance . Our evaluation will try to be as objective and precise as possible, in the historical evaluation there may be different possibilities, the same is true for market value. Some musical instruments, of difficult attribution, could have oscillations on the value and in the historical reference. For this reason, in some cases, our certifications could be discussed together with other Italian stringed instruments, so as to have the greatest precision.

In all other cases, oral evaluation is possible, which can help to understand the historical period and the quality of the invoice, but not the market value. This solution is not possible for valuable instruments. The oral assessment cannot be used in sales or for insurance purposes, as it is not written, but will be useful as a possible pre-assessment of expertise.

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