Fret dressing, on a vintage semi hollow EKO 100

 chitarra semi acustica EKO 100
EKO 100

Today I removed all the frets from this EKO guitar n. 100, vintage semi acoustic from the 70s, Italian factory production (Recanati).

Removing the frets is usually a necessary operation on all vintage guitars, which have not had special care over time.

The frets needed to be changed with the use of the guitar, being composed of relatively soft metal material (18% nickel). Only a few recent models mount hard stainless steel frets, which last longer, but unfortunately make various complications during their mounting on fretboard.

When only the first frets getting used, it often means that the instrument played with a wrong setup.

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Valter Vincenti – endorsement and italian guitars

I have recommended the C-Big Beat for Valter Vincenti new EKO endorsement, which will play during the 2016 tour of Alborosie. To be mounted on the eko “Aqua” model.

Valter Vincenti, chitarrista attuale di Alborose.
Valter Vincenti and Federico Cesarini

Today, a day to find the “voice” of Valter Vincenti. We found something at the end! Our relationship is consolidated, after having met us in the laboratory for a simple maintenance, a musical collaboration is tightened.

In the meanwhile we are thinking about the now ready C-MOP lp vintage series ’70 guitar, for Alborosie 2017 tour. Valter definetely likes italian guitars.

I want to remind myself that the endorsers are very useful to makers, not so much for the commercial promotion of the product (through clinic or video), but more than anything else to understand the timbric tastes of the period and to test the instruments.

The exasperated marketing of the products, through a musician who often does not even know the subject well or who in any case does not really feel a feeling with what he is playing, has always turned out to be sterile. Another thing is the test of a musician who knows the instrument, has played it, brought it in the tuor. It is possible to listen to Valter in Cesarini Jam Session 4.2, where he plays with C-Big Beat, Cesarini Pickups.

Valter on Cesarini Custom Shop during is trial test with C-Big Beat, Cesarini pickups.

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