Pickup for Double Bass, luthier choice

On another page of the blog I listed several piezo / pickup systems for double bass, which have pros and cons to examine carefully. Here I report only a live test, of our PC-DB low gain version. Giacomo Rossetti plays with piezo Pc-Db mounted on C – Double Face.

Negrita – Che Tempo Che Fa (Monnalista – Graziani I.)

This is Negrita live in Che tempo che fa is in effect a test, given that it is one of the first piezo I made, a near prototype. It seems to have gone just fine.

Giacomo Rossetti – Cesarini Bass guitars, endorsement

I met Giacomo during the Liuteria Cesarini expo 2015, at Umbria Jazz. He has not been in the Negrita (great rock italian band) for a long time and has shown interest in some of the instruments I proposed for his 2015/2016 summer tours. Giacomo comes from sound Fender Precision and Music Man, so I offered him the C-Man and C-Precision. He preferred the C-Precision, which mounts a split dipper Di Marzio cream 70s. The decidedly “swollen” sound is rock.

Di Marzio '70 pickups
Di Marzio ’70

G. tested the C-Precision bass here:

Giacomo Rossettiwith C-Precision, Loop jam

The C-Precision is a Vintage Series ’70 instrument, that is an instrument assembled with parts of vintage parts of interest, which can no longer be taken back to their origin. The instrument in question has been restored and adjusted, as well as changed in various aspects (thickness of body, varnish, C of the neck, electronics, etc …).

Giacomo Rossetti Negrita and Federico Cesarini
Giacomo Rossetti and Federico Cesarini (C-Precision)

Giacomo Rossetti bio follows

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