Cesarini Jam Session 4.1 – Valter Vincenti 4tet and cool handmade guitars

Cesarini Jam Session Season 4.1 in the company of:

  • Valter Vincenti, guitar (Cesarini “C-Reptilia” – C-Shapely Cesarini Pickups)
  • Lusi, bass (Cesarini “C-Gold Bronze“, Cesarini Vintage Series)
  • Saverio Federici, drum
  • Special Guest: Luca Ravagni, sax (Giorgio Gaber)

“Ussa and al bene così” extract from Valter Vincenti “Colors” , filming takes place at “One More Dub studio” the cave studio in Orvieto (Umbria).

The recording takes place through collective direct shooting, with metronome (given the use of a base composed of atmospheric sounds). Valter uses Orange amplifier and Costa Lab pedals, Lusi Proamp amplification and no effect. Great special guest is the fourth man, Luca Ravagni, saxophone by Giorgio Gaber.
Cesarini Jam Session is a project of Liuteria Cesarini, jam are done with our endorser and our musical instruments.

Footage by   SNAP production.

Cesarini Guitars
Cesarini Guitars
To know better C-Reptilia ( handmade guitars ) go here

C-Reptilia, a Masterbuilt – custom guitars

C-Reptilia, sharp like a knife!

custom guitars
custom guitars

It is part of the Masterbuilt series, which are custom guitars completely customized and crafted.

The sound of his pickups (Cesarini pickups) and its shapes wink at the Ibanez guitar concept, but the fingerboard, the neck, the tuners and the bridge maintain the Fender Stratocaster characteristics. Jescar fret (USA) semi-jumbo (about 2.4mm) gold button in stainless steel, approx 1.2mm high crown (therefore quite high), allowing a perfect intonation and sustain.

custom guitars
custom guitars

Typical strat electronics, tone-tone-volume with 3-way switch and addition of a selector to have the versatility of the sounds (combination of bridge + neck and three pickups together).

The pickguard is special, a mirrored and split polycarbonate, creates a reptile-like armor effect, hence its name. The varnishing  helps to strengthen the “iguana” effect.

Cool electric guitar for sale
Cool electric guitar for sale

Stratocasterian neck, thick on the width of “C” shape but larger to the nut. From there the strings go straight on to the peghead, where the angle is studied to perfection, so that there is no need for the string D-G to have a retainer, which often makes these two hard registers to play at the top positions. Wilkinson tremolo bridge, beautiful fluid, which does not lose tuning easily.

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