Guided tours

"We are honoured to show our craft and much more to those who are interested"

The workshop offers many topics to be explored:

  • Knowledge of luthier tools and Italian violin making methods
  • Permanent exhibition of craft tools
  • The role of violin making in Italian history
  • The wood used in the lutherie
  • The construction of the violin according to the Stradivari's Cremonese method
  • The secrets of varnishes
  • The construction of an electric instrument (guitar / bass), curiosity about the topic.

We also offer other types of activities in collaboration with experts in the field:

  • Series of readings organized in one or more meetings, each devoted to a different musical instrument. The instruments involved are the lute, lyre arm, the Neapolitan viola, the organ, the Renaissance guitar, the violin.

    The instruments, the musicians and the instrumental repertoire may be presented with the help of written documents (correspondence, diaries and chronicles) and iconographic, through listening and practical demonstrations on antique instruments.

    Language support will be available according to the needs of the troup.

Liuteria Virtual Tour

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