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Instrument Setup and Maintenance

"This is the part that I consider most important, here the secrets of your instrument are finally revealed. Often we do not even notice its true value."

The instrument must be delivered with mounted strings, so that an immediate evaluation of the required work can be made. The estimate will be done when the instrument has been successfully delivered; we release the worksheet with the date of withdrawal.

We can evaluate an eventual remote intervention through shipment; send us photos of your instrument and description of your problem.

Our technicians deal with any type of repair, in our social networks you’ll be able to see more details. For more information please see our price list. To make an appointment, please contact us.

Cesarini Custom Shop, Airbrushing, Kit Guitars, Relic

"You can change / add / remove any part of the instrument and personalize it completely to make it your very own"

Reissue series

If your instrument will be personalized in full or it is a kit instrument assembled and painted in our laboratory, Cesarini Custom Shop will place its "Cesarini Reissue" logo on the headstock providing a serial recognition that will make your instrument unique.

These are just some of the Reissue instruments of customers who have chosen us.

You can find all of the electric instruments designed and built by luthier Federico Cesarini here.

You can contact the luthier shop for more information.

Electronic components

"Where classic and hi-tech meet..."

We work on any type of circuit on any musical instrument.

Repairs and customizations made in our lab allow to choose from a wide range of hardware. The welding is professionally made, solid and free of air bubbles.

Cesarini's Custom Shop can electrify any instrument with different types of circuit: active circuit (Preamplifier + piezo or pickup), passive circuit (pickups or piezo only), or passive circuit with active pickups (EMG like).

We offer a wide range of brands for any kind of expense: Cesarini, Bourns, Audere, K & K, CTS, Switchcraft, Neutrik, B-Band, Firestone, CRL, Wilkinson, Seymour Duncan, Fender, LR Baggs, David Gage, Fishman, Amptone AudioLab , Fernandes.

To see our products please refer to the page Pickups, Preamp & Piezo.


"The airbrushing gun, a perfect tool to ensure that each object has its own style. We do not use adhesives; here we are making the difference"

Transactions and trade in warranty

"Want to trade / exchange your instrument with another, but you do not know who to trust?"

This is an often requested kind of service, as it is certainly very useful.

Instrument trading estimate

It is nothing new in our field: many individuals rely completely on professionals to buy an instrument of which they really know nothing. But the truth is that these exchanges are often made with too much hurried enthusiasm, seldom with the assistance of a luthier.

We can help directly in the transaction, from a technical and human point of view (a dishonest dealer would probably withdraw from a transaction if a professional figure is involved).

We can estimate if a deal is actually valid, namely that the instrument technically reflects the description provided by the dealer. We will check the following aspects: truss rod - originality of the parties - neck condition - setup. In regard to the monetary value of the instruments, it is not our care: exchange rates will be at the discretion of the individuals.

Pickup repairs

We can fix your pickups, thanks to our in-depth experience in handling the various sensitive parts (magnet and magnetization, wire, winding number, mask, wax, screws, polarity). The repair is managed accordingly to the characteristics of the pickup in analysis. This is the correct approach, especially when dealing with vintage instruments. To request a repair estimate you can contact us here.

You can also take a look at our Cesarini Pickups and decide if you want to give them a try.

To make an appointment please refer to the contact section.

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