In 2015, Liuteria Cesarini - certified Italian lutherie of violin maker Federico Cesarini - has already a wide customer network, working on almost all musical instruments. Our laboratory is divided into four sections: Cesarini Custom Shop - Atelier Cesarini - FrankDrums - PRO Student Instruments.

We specialize in construction, repair, setup and customization of acoustic instruments, electric and electrified instruments, bows, drums.

We can customize and adjust every detail of your instrument, in order to tailor it to your liking. We also restore antique instruments with due attention to the maintenance of their historical and acoustic characteristics.

The laboratory is located only 10 km away from Perugia.

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Cesarini Custom Shop

The acoustic and electric instruments that we build / customize / setup

CESARINI - Masterbuilt

Handmade electric guitars / electric basses

CESARINI - Reissue Series

Optimized electric guitars / electric basses

CESARINI - Vintage Series

Vintage electric guitars / electric basses

CESARINI - Pickups & Piezo System

Active circuite e passive circuite

Atelier Cesarini

The acoustic, electrified acoustic instruments and bows that we build / customize / setup


Acoustic, electrified acoustic instruments and bows

Violas / cellos / double basses

Available on commission

Violins, bows and classical guitars

The building process is continuous


We rehair your bows with the french method

FrankDrums snares

FrankDrums is a new brand of italian Lutherie Cesarini

We build customized solid snares with a great variety of woods, using our best local woods (apricot, olive, douglas, maple, ash, fir, walnut, etc...). We build, on commission only, whole drum sets.
We don't use semi-finished products: we start working from the raw trunk, seasoned for at least 2 years.

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